The History of TAFCO, Inc.


Believing that an agent could provide better service to his policyholders, TAFCO was founded in 1972. Our first contract was written on March 1, 1973 . We had 12 agents in the Tidewater area that began using our services to provide financing for their policyholders immediately. Believing that superior service could generate more business, we began calling on agents throughout the state of Virginia . Services ( like prefigured plan rate pages, education on writing the VA Auto Insurance Plan and premium financing, Important Insurance Papers, envelopes, receipts, preprinted checks and later computer generated plan rates and agent's weekly reports ) greatly increased the number of agents choosing TAFCO as their premium finance company. TAFCO is still growing and has chosen to remain a Virginia only company to better serve the agents and customers in Virginia . We continue to keep up with our changing world with the use of email and a working web page. TAFCO is always open to suggestions from the agents using our services. Now in its second generation TAFCO looks forward to many generations, of service to your agency and customers.